Terms and Conditions

The area on the final stretch of the Tullaghobegley river from immediately above the Bawan falls to the sea is a Sanctuary established by byelaw. No fishing is permitted in this area.

Membership is open to persons living within the catchment area, subject to the provisions of the Management Agreement and the Association’s Constitution. Persons living outside the catchment may apply for Associate Membership. Numbers in this latter category are limited.

Visiting anglers are most welcome and are catered for by way of permits which may be purchased from McGee’s Service Station, Main Street, Falcarragh. The regulations applying in the fishery are printed on the permits.

Disclaimer:  Cloughaneely Angling Association has provided stiles, bridges etc as facilities/improvements to this fishery.  In so doing, CAA does not warrant that the fishery or facilities are hazard free.  Persons entering on the fishery should therefore be vigilant and mindful of their own safety and that of others.  Persons entering on the fishery should note that such duty of care as may be owed by CAA shall be limited to that owed to “Recreational Users” under the Occupiers Liability Act 1995. Dogs are not permitted on the fishery.

We wish all anglers, both members and visitors, many happy hours of enjoyment on our splendid fishery.

Estuary Fishing

In Ireland Sea trout or White Trout are traditionally fished for when they return to freshwater. Elsewhere in Europe, particularly around the Baltic coast they have always been pursued in the sea. In recent years more anglers in Ireland are realising the exciting possibilities of fly fishing and spinning in estuaries.
Our own Ballyness Bay is beginning to reveal its secrets and we would encourage both local and visiting anglers to test their skills in pursuit of an Breac Geal, the Nomad of the Tides in this beautiful location.
Advice and Tips
For fly-fishing a 9-91/2 ft. rod rated AFTM 7 is ideal. A floating or intermediate line is all that is needed. Flies such as Teal Blue and Silver, Black and Silver Spider and any sand eel or Shrimp imitiation will all take fish. In all these patterns a touch of sparkle and longer than normal wings will sometimes make the difference.
Spinning with light tackle can also be productive with the most popular baits being Abu Krill and Toby, Mepps and Tasmanian Devil.
Anglers fishing for sea trout in Ballyness Bay must carry the appropriate IFI licence and abide by the same restrictions and regulations as apply on the Ray and Tullaghobegley. While a CAA permit is not legally required to fish the estuary we request visiting anglers to purchase a permit so as to support the work of the association in managing and developing the fishery as a whole. Without that support we cannot carry out our work and without that work there will be no fish in the estuary.
Access and Parking
Access to the estuary is at Ballyness Pier where adequate parking is available. Fishing is best either side of low tide and anglers are advised to consult local tide tables when planning their fishing. Periods of low Spring tides are usually best as it is only then that the channels reveal themselves fully.
As in all angling situations, anglers must be alert to hazards and exercise due care for their own safety.

Cloughaneely Angling Association

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